Zusatzqualifikationen aus dem Bereich der EMC Academic Alliance

Data Science and Big Data Analytics course provides hands-on practitioner's approach to the techniques and tools required for Big Data Analytics.

Cloud Infrastructure and Service educates participants on building cloud infrastructure based on a cloud computing reference model. The reference model includes five fundamental layers (physical, virtual, control, orchestration, and service) and three cross-layer functions (business continuity, security, and service management) for building a cloud infrastructure. For each layer and cross-layer function, this course covers the comprising technologies, components, processes, and mechanisms. The course follows the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology as a guide for all definitions of cloud computing.

The ISM v3 course will Increase the scope of your IT skills transformation and get up-to-date with the latest emerging storage-related technologies. Coverage of Third Platform technologies — cloud, Big Data, mobile, and social — and software-defined data centers are included to reflect the reality of today’s IT infrastructures. This training and certification course provides a strong understanding of storage technologies and prepares participants for advanced concepts, technologies, and processes.